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  Lyttelton to Rapaki Return 10th Oct 2018
  Rakaia Gorge 3rd Oct 2018
  Helicopter Hill 19th Sep 2018
  Drayton Reserve - Monk Spur Circuit 5th Sep 2018

  Hogsback Track 4th July 2018
  Weka Pass Downs 30th May 2018

  Coutts Island Stop bank walk 23rd May 2018
  Lakes Ida and Catherine 9th May 2018
  Waipara Valley Vineyard Trails 2nd May 2018
Robyn Morrisby's Farewell Dinner 26th April 2018
  Sign of the Kiwi to Scott's Reserve 25th April 2018
  Kennedys Bush Track 18th April 2018
Okuti Valley 4th April 2018
  Lake Rubicon return 28th Mar 2018
Sign of Kiwi to Scott’s Reserve return 14th Mar 2018
  Lyttelton to Rapaki Walk 28th Feb 2018
Waipara River Walk 14 Feb 2018
  Peak Hill 7th Feb 2018
  Kowai River Valley Walk 24th Jan 2018
  Hikers Christmas Party 13th December 2017
  Kaituna Valley to Packhorse 6th Dec 2017
  Mansons Pensinsula 29th Nov 2017
Ohoka Village 1st November 2017
  Evans Park Road to Godley Head
 4th Oct 2017
Ryde Falls Track 27th September 2017
  Head of Valley Rapaki Track 13th September 2017

Purau to Camp Bay 6th September 2017
  Evans Pass 2nd August 2017
  Taylors Mistake to Godley Head 19th July 2017
  North Beach to Spencer Park 5th July 2017
  Hilltop to Pulpit Rock 21st June 2017

  Waipara Valley Vineyard Trails 10th May 2017
  Poynter Track Kiaipoi  26th April 2017
Bealey Spur 19th April 2017
  Kaituna Valley 22nd Feb 2017
  Pettigrew's Road to Mt Sinclair 25th Jan 2017               click here to view photos

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